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†††††This framework is built on the Utah State Office of Education's Three-Tier Model of reading intervention. By emphasizing differentiated instruction and intervention, the Three-Tier Model is designed to provide quality instruction for all students and a safety net for struggling readers. It is based on The Report of the National Reading Panel: Teaching Children to Read  (NICHD 2000) which recommends that reading instruction be based on four components: fluency, word study, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. In addition, we have added the component of writing for learning. This work has been heavily influenced and guided by CORE Teaching Reading Sourcebook for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade (2000). 

Additionally, we examined the Utah State Office of Education Language Arts Core, Reading Next, and the Washington State K-12 Reading Model Implementation Guide.

These components define skills, strategies, and knowledge students need to become proficient readers in an environment that encourages independent and motivated learning. We must be laser-like and intentional in providing the instruction that will create capable learners. It is each teacherís task to establish the environment and provide the instruction to help students become successful learners.


3 Tier Model If you have questions about this framework or would like more information, you can contact the Granite School District Curriculum Office (801.646.4521) or Professional Development Office (801.646.4557)

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